Biblical Christian Counseling

Strictly a Biblical Christian Counseling and Teaching Ministry.
Teaching that the bible has all the answers for life and life's problems.Teaching the grace message by the revelation and fellowship of the mystery until Christ is formed in the believer.  

Church Fellowship

Pauline in pattern, a mid Acts, dispensational fellowship based on the revelation and fellowship of the mystery given to Paul as the Apostle to the gentiles by Jesus Christ our Lord!
Where "rightly dividing" the word of truth is taught and the message of salvation is by grace and faith alone! 

Daily Devotionals and Blog

Daily Devotionals and Blog.
that will teach and encourage you in your daily walk in Christ!
Topical and Verse by verse Daily Devotionals and weekly Blog,

Living Life In Christ

This is a bible study that is open to all but the focus is on
those who wish to get help for themselves or their marriage.  
Questions are encouraged and Counsel will be given.
This is also a starting point to get one on one Christian counseling.