This is a biblical teaching and Christian counseling ministry.


trictly faith based and designed to help those come to a deeper relationship in Christ!
Teaching not only with the word but with practical experience! Not adhering to worldly philosophies, nor man made beliefs.
Teaching that the Word of God and His Spirit brings life and freedom and is all that is needed for meeting the needs of man!
This ministry is another counseling resource for churches, pastors and ministries.
Counseling takes time and therefore there is no set time table!
It takes honesty and transparency!
It may take all aspects of ministry, meaning evangelism, teaching, training, and correcting in all 7 areas of life!
Each meeting is 1-1.5 hours weekly or bi weekly!
It takes a genuine faithful person who is sincere and desires to be teachable!
We ask for financial support: so we ask that you be willing to give if possible a tax                deductible donation! (If you are unable to give other arrangements may be made)!
If you want counseling call: 480-830-0694 or email:
If you would like personal one on one, counseling, please  click on picture below and fill out  form and I will get back with you as soon as possible!