Howard King Ministries
main purpose is to make all men see
the fellowship of the mystery in Christ Jesus!
Eph. 3:9


Biblical Christian Counseling

Biblical, pastoral and personal one on one
counseling, teaching and discipleship!
For Individual's, married and family.

Teachings in groups

 Bible Studies and Home Fellowships!!

Small groups that function as the church in a
more intimate, casual and sharing type of fellowship!

The Body of Christ edifying and encouraging
one another in song, prayer and Word!

Open and freely able to help one another!
Sharing a meal, life and Christ with one another!  
Function more like a organism than organization!


Daily Devotions and Blog

My Daily Grace Devotions!
These are short Daily Devotions that will teach and
encourage you in your daily walk in Christ!

These are verse by verse through Paul's books,
Romans through Philemon!

My Weekly Grace Blog!
A short, weekly and personal type of devotion!
Usually topical and encouraging your identity in Christ!